Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Redemption Groanings: Year in Review

Yesterday, on my day off, I decided to take a look back through the blog posts that I've written over the past year. Similar to looking back on a journal, it was encouraging to be reminded of the ways in which God has taught me about Himself through the ordinary course of every day life.

Here are some posts that, for various reasons, are particular favorites of mine; one from every month since I started the blog:

1. Education on Vocation
2. A World Without Happy Endings
3. Cursed, in Hope
4. So, the Government Can't Intrude on Private Family Matters?
5. A Lesson on Hope, Courtesy of Brad Lidge
6. Cole Hamels and Jesus Christ
7. Don't Take a Minute for Granted
8. The Hypocrisy of Co-Existing
9. Made for the City
10. A Memorial of God's Grace
11. Does He Shine in a Punt Return?
12. King of the Universe, or Cosmic Idiot

And of course, the post I always point people to, explaining what this blog is all about: Why do we groan?

Anyone else out there have a most memorable post from the past year?

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