Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A World without Happy Endings

Last night Michelle and I watched a movie called The Visitor (a few instances of foul language toward the beginning of the movie, but otherwise no objectionable content). I enjoyed this movie mainly because of how much I did not enjoy the ending of the movie.

The movie is about a college professor in Connecticut who goes to New York for a conference. When he arrives at the apartment that he still owns despite almost never returning to the city, he finds a foreign couple who have been illegally subletting the apartment (You can watch the trailer here). The movie was appealing to me because of its focus on life in the city and racial relations.

Without spoiling the rest of the movie, I would just say that I found the ending very unsatisfying. When the credits began to roll, I thought to myself, 'That was a lousy movie.' But in hindsight, I found great value in watching a movie that did not end the way I wanted it to end. It was a reminder that we live in a broken, fallen world, where pain and heartache are the norm.

Happy endings are rare in this world, and I am grateful for how The Visitor reminded me of that. Such reminders whet my appetite for the exceedingly joyful ending that awaits this world because of the redemption that is found in Jesus Christ. Our vapor of a life in this world may be full of unsatisfying endings, but for those whose hope is in Christ, all the groaning is a prelude to glory.

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