Friday, January 8, 2010

Well, at least he's honest

Richard Lewontin is a committed Darwinist, which means his basic worldview is that of materialism: matter alone constitutes ultimate reality, and everything that exists is the product of strict physical laws and blind random chance.

Not much room for God in that kind of worldview. But look at how Lewontin arrives at his worldview (and thus drives God out of the picture):

"We take the side of science in spite of the patent absurdity of some of its constructs, in spite of its failure to fulfill many of its extravagant promises of health and life, in spite of the tolerance of the scientific community for unsubstantiated just-so stories, because we have a prior commitment, a commitment to materialism.

"It is not that the methods and institutions of science somehow compel us to accept a material explanation of the phenomenal world, but, on the contrary, that we are forced by our a priori adherence to material causes to create an apparatus of investigation and a set of concepts that produce material explanations, no matter how counter-intuitive, no matter how mystifying to the uninitiated. Moreover, that materialism is an absolute, for we cannot allow a Divine Foot in the door."

So basically, materialism is true because it must be true, even though it seems absurd and counter-intuitive. Because if it's not true, we might have to include God in the equation. And this guy works at Harvard.

I don't know; if this is the foundation that my worldview was built on, I'd probably look for a different worldview.

Yet God is mighty to save even Richard Lewontin. Only God's grace has made me to differ, and the same grace that redeemed me can melt even the stoniest atheists' heart.

Take a minute as you read this and pray for him.

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