Friday, January 8, 2010

Colt McCoy Gets It

At least it sure seems like it. Everybody seems to talk about Tim Tebow's faith, but this is a pretty solid interview with Texas' quarterback Colt McCoy, who was forced to miss the biggest game of his life when he was injured on Texas' first possession (if using a feed reader, click through to the post if unable to see the video):


  1. Thanks for sifting through and finding things like this. As a mother of a sports loving son it is great to find athletes who give all of the glory to God! Yes, it sure seems like Colt's got it right, praise be to God.


  2. I've got to give credit to Jeff Crispin and technology for this one. The day after the game Jeff asked me if I saw McCoy's interview, and I hadn't.

    30 seconds later, after a google search for 'Colt McCoy interview BCS' I got the interview online and posted it!