Monday, May 24, 2010

A Strange Method for Defeating Divisions

Yesterday my friend Jason preached on 1 Corinthians 1:26-31, in which Paul reminds the Corinthians of who they were when God called them. Prominent in the passage is the doctrine of election, that God chose people to be saved, and that He did so not because of any distinctives or virtues in us, but in order that all the glory might be to God alone.

As Jason pointed out, the context of this passage is that Paul is writing to correct a problem with quarreling and division in the church. I found it interesting that Paul would remind the Corinthians of the doctrine of election in dealing with this problem of division.

I've often heard it said that the doctrine of election is dangerous because it tends to promote divisions and strife in the church. Yet here is Paul, seeking to correct a problem of divisions, reminding the Corinthians of the doctrine of election. Apparently, in Paul's mind, the doctrine of election does not cause divisions. It heals them.

So if we experience strife over the doctrine of election, it is not the doctrine that is a problem; it is the people discussing the doctrine that is the problem.

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