Tuesday, May 11, 2010

If I ever had a reason to start drinking coffee, this is it

I've only had two cups of coffee in my lifetime (both while in was college), and have no plans of drinking any more. But Acts 29 coffee gives a compelling reason for coffee lovers to buy up the java in large quantities: every purchase from them goes directly to church planting in the region where you are located. From their website:

Acts 29 Coffee is an opportunity for the church body to buy their coffee with gospel intentionality. This is coffee with a purpose-to continue the mission of Jesus by helping plant new churches.

Since I'm not a coffee-drinker, I can't say how their prices compare with other brands (It has to be cheaper than Starbucks, right?). But even if it's a bit more expensive than the cheapest you can find at Sam's Club, seeing gospel-rooted churches planted in your region seems like a good reason to spend a couple of extra bucks on your next bag of coffee, doesn't it?

Visit the Acts 29 Cofee site here, and check them out.

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