Monday, February 8, 2010

Tebow Ad: A lot of Hoopla Over Nothing?

Well, the Super Bowl ad featuring Tim Tebow and his mom was the source of much discussion over the past few weeks in the Christian and secular media. Here's the ad, in case you missed it:

What did you think? It seems to me that the pro-choice advocates who were so adamant in their opposition to this ad are probably kicking themselves today. My guess is that the stir this ad caused over the past few weeks did far more to benefit the pro-life cause than the commercial itself, which didn't even mention abortion.

So leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it...


  1. I blinked and missed it!

    Glad you gave the link for us all to see it again.

    Interesting that it followed right after the ad with Betty White and the other senior citizen getting tackled quite violently. I think I was still psychologically repairing myself from that ad, and then I saw Tebow tackle his mother. I said to my wife, "What is it with all the 'tackling' ads?" And then, we realized that the second tackling ad was the Tebow ad. And it was done. I didn't even hear what she said.

    I thought it lost some of its possible impact because of that placement. Was that intentional by CBS? Don't know.
    (They did the same thing with two consecutive unrelated commercials with large numbers of underwear-clad men. I'm sure those two advertisers weren't too happy about that either. I certainly could have done without the underwear.)

    As usual, most disturbing is the pervasiveness of the sexually provocative. I wish I had counted the number of commercials that ended with a flash of sexual content (beer ads and Go Daddy, especially). It would have been an interesting stat.

    Jim W

  2. Agreed. Nothing was stated about abortion or pro-life, which was a shame. Hopefully all the money spent will at least get some people to the focus on the family website to read more. Otherwise, what a waste of money....think how many ultrasound machines couldnt have been bought and put in crisis pregnancy centers to show moms their baby!

  3. Above should read "could've been bought......oopps