Friday, January 29, 2010

The First Installment

This week I've been reading through John Piper's book Finally Alive (read the book in its entirety for free here). I've been in a season of spiritual lethargy and weariness, and being reminded of God's sovereign work of begetting me anew has been an aid to my weary soul.

Here's one quote that I especially enjoyed, in which Piper is commenting on Titus 3:5. Paul uses the word 'regeneration', and the only other time he uses that word it describes the regeneration of the entire creation in Matthew 19:28:

"So when you think of your new birth, think of it as the first installment of what is coming. Your body and the whole world will one day take part in this regeneration. God's final purpose is not spiritually renewed souls inhabiting decrepit bodies in a disease- and disaster-ravaged world. His purpose is a renewed world with renewed bodies and renewed souls that take all our renewed senses and make them a means of enjoying and praising God."

What a great reminder, that the miracle of our being born again is just a taste of the glory that is to come...not only in us, but in the entirety of God's creation.

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  1. So true. The regeneration of our minds is only the first part of our total redemption from sin. We are going to be redeemed body, soul, and spirit - the total man, plus creation in its entirety.

    This new mind born of rebirth by the Holy Spirit is such a 'bad fit' for our present bodies. My mind is far more active and alive than my body can stand. My body, though filled with life and high energy, still has a hard time keeping up with the myriad of activities and thought processes that are zooming through my mind at lightning speed. Although my body has been 'quickened' by the Spirit to do amazing things, there is still a physiological limit to what my present body can do.

    I guess that's why we feel so weary at times because our old bodies cannot keep up with our renewed minds!