Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cultivating Humility

From the 9 Marks blog:

24 manifestations of what Christ-exalting humility should produce in your life.

30 indicators that pride is resident in your heart.

This is great, convicting, stuff.


  1. Hey Larry,
    Both links brought me to the same place. Just letting you know. :)

  2. Thanks Catherine, I've made the change.

  3. I'm reminded of the following: That one measure of a person's humility is the ability to laugh at oneself.

    Not Scriptural, but still some truth there.

    My prideful self wanted to look only at the signs of humility, and check them off in my mind -- yep, I've got that one, that one, etc. But, far more instructive for me was the list of the signs of pride, and I had to force myself to ponder THAT list more deeply. How insidious are the roots of pride.

    Thank you, Larry, for the link.

    Jim W