Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Test in Discernment

William Paul Young's book The Shack has had mega-success since it was released, selling millions of copies around the world. Some Christians have celebrated the book as life-changing in the way it has helped them to understand God. Other Christians have simultaneously condemned it as heresy and destructive to the Church.

In this interview, Paul Young frankly discusses some of his theological perspectives that fueled the writing of his book. The questions he answers cover the Fatherhood of God, universal redemption and penal substitution, to name a few.

Christians who have read the Shack or not will profit from listening to and thinking through Young's remarks in this interview. As you listen I would encourage you to ask yourself how you would respond to some of the things Young says. As Christians we ought to know why we believe what we do, and ought to be able to give evidence from the Scriptures to support our beliefs. And in my opinion, Young says some things in this interview that seem to attack doctrines that are at the very heart of Christianity. Doctrines that need to be defended with both compassion and conviction.

So listening to this interview is, then, a valuable exercise in using biblical discernment. It is somewhat lengthy, but I believe it is a worthwhile investment of time.

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