Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Glad My Life Doesn't Revolve Around the Eagles...

If it did, I'd probably be darn near suicidal!

Since we're on the topic of sports, I can't help but mention the departure of Eagles Safety Brian Dawkins for Denver over the weekend. I was a sophomore in college when Dawkins started wearing Eagles green...that was a long time ago! He plays football the way it's supposed to be played...a classic Philly player.

But now Dawkins will not finish his career in Philly, where everyone seems to think he belongs. I don't think the Eagles are solely responsible for this, as almost all Philly fans seem to think right now. Dawkins could have done something incredibly radical for the sake of Christ (Dawkins professes faith in Christ, and from what I've been able to find he actually walks the talk, unlike so many athletes): he could have taken a big paycut and turned down the big bucks in Denver. It's not like the guy is really hurting financially, you know? When it comes to his Christian witness, I wonder if Dawkins now looks like every other athlete, going wherever he can to get the most millions?

Let's be very clear: Dawkins had no obligation to turn down the big payday in Denver and sign for less money in Philly; he is free in Christ to go to the team that offers him the best financial package. I imagine that being a Christian athlete and signing these extraordinary contracts is very challenging, and I obviously have no idea how Dawkins will spend all that extra money. So please don't hear me taking shots at Dawkins. He is a great player, by all accounts a great man, and he poured out all he had for the city of Philadelphia for 13 years. He will be greatly missed.

It's just a shame that in our day sports are first a business, with loyalty (both by players and teams) being far less important than the almighty dollar. Maybe one day, it won't be that way anymore.

Surely there are some Eagles fans out there reading this; what do you all think of Dawkins' departure?

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