Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Flesh-Filled Discernment

James MacDonald writes:

This past week my post about 1Timothy 2:1 and it’s exhortation to be thankful for our leaders came back to the forefront. A post I wrote on January 20th when President Obama was sworn in was picked up by a number of ‘watch dog’ discernment groups and the rest is history. I have been called weak, soft on the truth, a compromiser, politically correct, foolish, and worst of all, apostate (not truly saved). Wow!!!

I have been a pastor for more than 25 years and I have heard some pretty harsh things; but the deepest wounding by far has been at the hands of people using the gift of discernment in the flesh. Most often, these are the folks that separate friends, divide churches and destroy families. It is a very dangerous gift when not under the Spirit’s control.

I'd recommend that all Christians who are zealous for truth (and I hope that means all of you who are Christians!) read the rest of his post.

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