Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Mind is Important, because God is Important

In line with the last post I made on vocation, here is a link to a sermon preached by Tim Keller that has been influential to my thinking on these matters (It's $2.50 to buy an MP3 download, but I think it's worth it). In the sermon he shares this quote from Mark Noll, which I love:

“For a Christian, the mind is important because God is important. Who, after all, made the world of nature, and then made possible the development of sciences through which we find out more about nature? Who formed the universe of human interactions, and so provided the raw material of politics, economics, sociology and history? Who is the source of harmony, form, and narrative pattern, and so lies behind all artistic and literary possibilities? Who created the human mind in such a way that it could grasp the realities of nature, of human interactions, of beauty, and so made possible the theories on such matters by philosophers and psychologists? Who, moment by moment, sustains the natural world, the world of human interactions, and the harmonies of existence? Who, moment by moment, maintains the connections between what is in our minds and what is in the world beyond our minds? The answer in every case is the same. God did it, and God does it.”

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