Wednesday, February 11, 2009

From Where Does this Satisfaction Come?

Yesterday I was in the Firehouse (the building next to our church where I do much of my work, for those who read this and don't attend my church) doing some work. To my right, around fifteen feet away, was a little trash can in the corner of the room.

I had a piece of paper that I no longer needed, so without thinking, I suddenly balled it up as tightly as I could and tossed it toward the trash can...swish. Right in the can, two points!

Very unspectacular, right? But as the 'ball' went in to the can, I had around three seconds where I had a strong feeling of satisfaction. I mean Dwayne Wade I'm not, but that was a pretty good shot!

Immediately I began to ponder why in the world I would feel satisfaction about something so small and insignificant. Is this a matter of trivial amusement for a few seconds, or is there something more deep in our hearts that compels us to feel satisfaction in such a moment?
This is not a loaded question; I assure you, I don't have another post going up later today on why I felt such satisfaction at shooting a paper ball in a trash can.

Maybe I just think too much. But I'm wondering, does anyone else have any thoughts on this? Has anyone else experienced such a phenomenon (not just with a ball of trash, but anything similar)?

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