Saturday, February 7, 2009

Knowing God Through His Works

Currently I am re-reading Engaging God's World, a book by Cornelius Plantinga that I read last year. In the Preface, Plantinga writes:

"Thoughtful Christians know that if we obey the Bible's great commandment to love God with our whole mind, as well as with everything else, then we will study the splendor of God's creation in the hope of grasping part of the ingenuity and grace that form it. One way to love God is to know and love God's work.

Learning is therefore a spiritual calling: properly done, it attaches us to God. In addition, the learned person has, so to speak, more to be Christian with. The person who studies chemistry, for example, can enter into God's enthusiasm for the dynamic possibilities of material reality."

Of all people, Christians ought to have the greatest thirst for learning about the world we live in. For as we study the creation, we are bound to learn more about the Creator.

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