Friday, February 6, 2009

Is Forgiveness Possible?

Also In Christless Christianity, Horton reminded me of this great scene from an episode of E.R. which aired some time ago. I find it amazing that a very popular show like E.R. would communicate something so profound about the deficiency of new-age postmodernism to deal with the deepest longings and hopes of the soul. Check it out; the clip is around 2 minutes long:

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  1. Although I had never seen this episode, I remember the chaplain character, her new age philosophy and her lack of moral integrity. OK, so she's a scripted part. But that script came from the musings of some writers head. This clip is an awesome picture of what man's basic need is: to be reconciled with God. When push comes to shove and we're looking death in the face, we need to know the objective truth - are we OK with God?

    There's a world out there that won't think about this until their deathbed - or worse, until it's too late. Are we doing something about that? Because we DO have the answers this guy was looking for, all through Jesus Christ.

    Enjoying the blog, Larry.