Monday, February 16, 2009

If You Had One Hour...

If you could spend one hour with any living person, who would it be?

Implied in the question is that the answer is someone who, for any reason, you don't have access to spending time with now.

My answer to the question is Dave Matthews. Ten years ago he was probably the closest thing to a savior that I had. When I was gloomy for any reason, his music is what I turned to for comfort and peace. Now that I know THE Savior, I am still fascinated by Dave Matthews and his music. I have done away with the vast majority of my DMB collection, but still have a few songs that I enjoy. Their musical creativity is, I believe, a reflection of the image of God in them, though they do not manifestly give Him the glory for it.

From listening to the songs that he writes and reading some interviews with him, it is clear that Dave Matthews is not a Christian. I am pretty sure he professes agnosticism. But he also has clearly done a good bit of thinking about Jesus and Christianity. He seems to have a kind of respect for Jesus, though Matthews obviously picks and chooses what to like about Him. Some of his insights about the failure of the Church to represent Jesus in the world are spot on, and yet he is certainly responsible for suppressing the truth that God has revealed to him.

So if I had an hour, I'd love to sit down with this man whose extraordinary musical talent has brought joy to so many people. It would be a joy to listen to his objections and difficulties with Christianity, and try to help him see that his objections are not insurmountable to having faith in the Jesus of the Bible. I doubt I'd be able to persuade him to trust Christ in an hour, but I'd still love to explain to him how his talents have made me more in awe of Jesus Christ, the Lord of the universe.

Now I turn it to you: if you had one hour to spend with any living person, who would it be? This requires you, faithful reader, to click on the 'comments' icon below this post and write a comment!

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