Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Doubting Dawkins


  1. Hey Larry -

    Good to see you posting again. Powerful illustration in this video.


  2. Hi, Larry -- so glad to see this blog back, and SO glad to see you still bringing up Dawkins!
    Did you hear a few months ago that he addressed an atheist rally in DC and basically (according to World magazine) called for atheists to mock believers in Jesus Christ?
    So, this is going to sound weird, but I've read a lot about Dawkins and a bit BY Dawkins and have seen many interviews and a few debates, and I wonder if he may be demon-possessed. (Yeah, people will probably laugh at me for that statement....)
    Demon-possessed or not, the fact is that he is blinded to the truths of Christ.
    And that according to Romans 1:21-22, in his heart, he knows that there is a God. And he is running from it.
    Oh, that he would turn to Jesus, the Savior, who is his loving Creator and full of loving-kindness, abounding in love.
    Jesus is the hope of the world.

    Jim W