Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The 4 G's & Busyness

In Tim Chester's new book, A Meal with Jesus, he applies "the 4 G's" (4 liberating truths about God that Chester unfolds in this book, You Can Change) to the subject of busyness. Chester's conviction is that many Christians fail to engage in Christ's mission because they believe they are too busy. Yet we often fail to examine why were are busy. Chester presses us to consider:

  • You may be too busy because you're insecure and need to control life. But God is great and cares for you as a sovereign heavenly Father.
  • You may be too busy because you fear other people, and so you can't say no. But God is glorious, and His opinion is the one that matters.
  • You may be too busy because you're filling your life with activity in a desperate attempt to find satisfaction. But God is good, and the true source of joy.
  • You may be too busy because you're trying to prove yourself through your work or ministry. But God is gracious and justifies you freely through Christ's finished work.
What keeps you busy? Which one of these liberating truths about God can free you from the tyranny of busyness so that you can abandon yourself to the mission of making Christ known?

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  1. I find that I'm too busy because I try to prove my worth to others and to God. I need to remember that God is Gracious so I don't have to prove myself. I can rest in his finished work.

    Thanks for posting these.