Friday, February 25, 2011


The other day I recommended Paul Tripp's book of meditations on Psalm 27, called A Shelter in the Time of Storm. Here's a sampling, a reflection based on verse 5, "He will hide me in His shelter in the day of trouble."

I know it's not Scripture, but this might be worth committing to memory, or at least reading on a daily basis. I know my "prone to wander" heart is certainly in constant need of these reminders:

I am safe,
not because I have no

or because I never experience
I am safe,

not because people affirm
or my plans always
work out.

I am safe,
not because I am immune
or free of the potential for
I am safe,

not because I am protected from

or separated from this

fallen world.

I am safe,

not because I am

or strong.
I am safe,
not because I deserve

comfort or have earned my


I am safe,

not because of


or power,
or position,
or intellect,
or who I know,
or where I live.

I am safe because of the glorious mystery of

I am safe because of the presence of
boundless love.
I am safe because of

divine mercy,

divine wisdom,
divine power,
and divine grace.
I am safe,
not because I never face
but because You are
with me in it.
You have not given me
a ticket out of danger.

You have not promised me

a life of ease.
You have chosen to place me
a fallen world.
I am safe
because You have given me

the one thing

that is the

only thing

that will ever keep me safe.

You have given me


I am safe

from my evil heart

and this shattered world,

not because I can escape
them both,
but because in the middle of
temptation and trial,
danger and disappointment,

sickness and want,

You give me everything

I need to
fight temptation

and avoid defeat
and to point others
to the safety

that can be found only

in You.

So, I will wake up tomorrow

and face the anxiety

of not knowing,
the fear of my own weakness,

and the reality of the fall.

I will live with

and hope.

And when danger comes,
and it will,
I will whisper to
my weakening heart,

"Emmanuel is your shelter;
you are safe."

For reflection:
1. Where in your life is God exposing the inadequacy and unreliability of the places to which you have looked for safety?
2. Humbly consider if there is a person or thing that you would rather have in your life than the security the Lord has promised you in his care.

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