Friday, January 7, 2011

Is this Funny?

The other day I posted a quote from Pastor Tullian that it's unwise to be serious when it's time to be silly, and unwise to be silly when it's time to be serious.

What response does wisdom dictate toward this two-minute clip?

Obviously the creators of this intend it to be funny...and I think in ways it certainly is funny. But I'm not sure that I should think it's funny.

What do you think? Leave a comment and let me know...


  1. Isn't that the nature of satire--funny and thought provoking at the same time?

  2. It's funny and then brings a tear to the eye.

    Larry: What are your thoughts about the ministry that produced that satiric video -- Real Truth Matters. I haven't heard of them before.

    Jim W

  3. I think it is awful. Just more ways to make fun of Christians. Some of those very invitations have changed lives. I guess I just don't like satire geared at such a serious message.

  4. I agree with Cheri and say it's facetious.