Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ten Questions to Diagnose Your Spiritual Health

From Don Whitney's book by the same title (via Jared Wilson):

1. Do you thirst for God?
2. Are you governed increasingly by God's Word?
3. Are you more loving?
4. Are you more sensitive to God's presence?
5. Do you have a growing concern for the spiritual and temporal needs of others?
6. Do you delight in the bride of Christ?
7. Are the spiritual disciplines increasingly important to you?
8. Do you still grieve over sin?
9. Are you a quicker forgiver?
10. Do you yearn for heaven and to be with Jesus?

Remember, this is a diagnostic test, but it's not the remedy. In other words, trying harder to do these ten things better is not going to make you spiritually healthy. The only thing that will do that is embracing all that Jesus is, has done, and promises to do for you in the gospel.

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