Thursday, August 5, 2010

Joyful Insignificance

I was excited to see this ad (click ad to enlarge) featured in a guest post on Justin Taylor's blog. I had heard John Piper preach about this once, and was curious to see the ad but hadn't been able to find it:


  1. This is actually a very old ad, but it's misguided message is no less destructive. I used to climb, and the ad's portrayal in no way compares to the greatness and joy found in faith in Jesus Christ - not even close.

  2. Brad,

    It would have been helpful for me to explain why Piper used the ad. He was showing how even non-believers in our society intuitively grasp that the deepest pleasures in life are when we are caught up in some magnificent splendor, not in self-admiration and esteem.

    Piper was saying that this ad is a little echo in the human (even unbelieving) heart that we were made for satisfaction with splendor, not self, and that ultimately that echo is brought to fulfillment in knowing the splendor and greatness of Jesus.

    So his point (and mine in posting) is just what you've said: nothing compares with the greatness of knowing Jesus...and even secular advertisements bear witness to this in affirming that it's times when we are caught up in some greatness beyond ourselves that we feel most alive.