Monday, May 17, 2010

Flyers Fever

It's a shame I'm not more of a hockey fan, because Philly's team is certainly on an exciting run this spring. Ten years ago I would have said that hockey/the Flyers were my favorite sport/team. But after the lockout a few years ago, I've pretty much lost interest.

Though the Flyers are playing great, I'm still not that excited (though I probably would force myself to watch a little if they make the Finals!). Nevertheless, I have great respect for hockey players. I think it requires more skill (have you ever tried to ice skate?) and more toughness than the other three major sports, and they typically get paid a lot less than the other major sports.

If you're in the Philly area, are you more excited about hockey than you were a month ago?


  1. I would agree that, ten years ago, hockey was my number 1 sport. But now, it would have to be baseball. And I think that that is because of my age. The older I get, the more I enjoy the pace of baseball. Baseball is also easier on my marriage, because when I watch hockey -- well, let's just say I'm pretty intense. (I've undergone a lot of sanctification in this area, thanks to my wife's gracious cues.)In hockey, you can't really take your eyes off the ice, so kids and my wife can kind of get ignored. Not good.

    But yes, I'm psyched about hockey. Looks like the Flyers COULD be a team of destiny. (Stated in the muted enthusiasm so ingrained into the heart of every Philadelphia fan.)

    One more thing about hockey -- there are very few followers of Jesus in hockey. Why is that? Football probably has most, then baseball, then basketball, and last hockey. Would you agree?

    Jim W

  2. I agree, Jim, that I think the pace of baseball appeals to me more as I am getting older. When I was a teenager baseball was probably my least favorite of the four major sports. Now it's definitely my favorite (and that was so even before the Phils' won the World Series 2 years ago!)

    As to the number of Christians, I really don't know enough to say. I would certainly imagine there have to be some hockey players, but you're right that you don't really hear about that too much.