Monday, April 26, 2010

Should I Really be Impressed by This?

At the recommendation of Matt Chandler, I recently picked up a copy Larry Osborne's book, Sticky Teams. On the opening pages there are close to 40 endorsements of the book and of Osborne's ministry. This one particularly stood out to me:

This is possibly the best book on leadership ever written. Everyone should buy multiple copies.

That is high praise for a book! Then I looked at the name of the person who gave this endorsement:

Carolyn Osborne, Larry's Mom

Does that count? I mean, is Mom really an objective analyst of leadership books to know that this is the best book on leadership ever written?

I'm not so sure about that endorsement...but I do respect Chandler's ministry and what he has done at the Village, so I am eager to get reading this one.

And if I ever publish a book, I can expect a powerful endorsement from Susan Lazarus, Larry's mom.

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