Monday, March 29, 2010

Forgive me, but...

Yesterday in my sermon I mentioned Greg Gilbert's new book, What is the Gospel? Here's a quote I especially appreciated:

It's always interesting to watch what happens when people who insist that God would never judge them come face to face with undeniable evil. Confronted with some truly horrific evil, then they want a God of justice -- and they want him now. They want God to overlook their own sin, but not the terrorist's. "Forgive me," they say, "but don't you dare forgive him!" You see, nobody wants a God who declines to deal with evil. They just want a God who declines to deal with their evil.

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By the way, no one is paying me to make this advertisement; I just like recommending books that can help people grow in their knowledge of and love for God!

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  1. I remember reading of a carjacking incident in Philly... A guy's car was carjacked, he quickly found a policeman, they gave chase and caught the carjackers. But ... the guy got help from the police to catch the thieves,,, had stolen the car! -- S. Mosely