Thursday, March 25, 2010

Does this make you want to read the book more, or less?

Looking at some books online at the Westminster Bookstore, I came across Mark Driscoll's book Vintage Jesus. On the page to order the book, there is this note from the Westminster bookstore staff:

Note from wtsbooks: Style of presentation and use of language in this book do not necessarily represent that which would be condoned or encouraged by the staff or management of Westminster Bookstore. We offer this book for sale as an example of a young pastor committed to presenting the Reformed faith in "edgy" ways that he believes communicate effectively to an unchurched generation. Readers should be aware that Rev. Driscoll's style and choice of words may be disturbing to some.

I found that this note actually made me more interested in reading the book, to see just what was so edgy and disturbing. What about you?

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