Friday, March 19, 2010

Are you a Charismatic?

The more I read Dug Down Deep, the more I am enjoying it. It's a thorough, yet accessible, treatment of the most foundational beliefs of Christianity. I am impressed with how well Harris handles subjects like the Church, sanctification and the Holy Spirit in a limited amount of pages.

In particular, Harris' chapter on the Holy Spirit is one I wish every "Charismatic" Christian would read and reflect upon. Harris writes:

When the Holy Spirit is working in our lives, there will be a dynamic quality of holiness, evangelistic boldness, and an otherworldly willingness to play the role of a servant to others.

And again:

You know the Spirit is working if you're more amazed by Jesus, more desirous to serve and obey him, more ready to tell other people about him, more ready to serve the church he loves.

Amen, Josh! May I be that kind of a charismatic!

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