Thursday, March 4, 2010

Alright Baseball Fans...

Since common grace is on my mind today, let's talk baseball! One Spring Training game is under our belt, so it's time to ask for some predictions.

I'm still somewhat amazed that the guy widely regarded as the best pitcher in baseball actually wanted to play for the Phillies and signed a contract extension for less money because he was so serious about playing here. That makes me an instant fan of Roy Halladay, though I'm not thrilled with seeing Cliff Lee depart after only half a season with the Phils.

So what do you see happening this season? Tell me who you think will play in the World Series, and who will take the crown this year?


  1. Seriously pushing the bounds of covenant-keeping love here...

  2. Boo Mets. Suonds like mediation might be needed. How will the Lazarus kids be raised?
    I think the Phils will win 100 games this year. At least be back to NLCS. Although I don't want to wish away the season and jump to the playoffs just yet.

  3. She's just being funny, least, TRYING to be funny. She's a Phillies fan, and Halle is wearing her Ryan Howard sweatshirt today, so no worries!

  4. I think the Phils are still the team to beat in the NL, but having said that, I have my doubts about the bullpen. I hope we don't get a repeat of last year's "fun."

    I am hoping for a World Series rematch with the Phils taking the crown in 6 games. Go Phils! Boo Mets!

  5. I think the Phils will fall just short of 100 wins in the regular season, winning 99.
    Two starters will win 18 or more games.
    The Phils go to the World Series again, and win, but I'm not sure who against. I'll go with the White Sox as the opponent.

    Jim W

  6. Hahahaha, I was just wondering if you were going to break your own freedom of speech rule on your blog! :) Hmmmm, what WILL it take!?