Friday, February 26, 2010

Since I'm not really in a blogging mood today...

Justin Taylor writes:

"I think it’s possible to avoid mocking people and at the same time to enjoy the foibles of everyday folks."

You be the judge:


  1. This is weird because we just told Jeff about this guy on Thursday night! Chris had sent this to us and Jim & Jenny a year ago and we enjoyed watching it several times. We love the medley of songs and his reactions and the lady host! Hilarious!
    Karen S.

  2. It is funny, but you know what? In watching it a second time, I think it is staged.

    Notice that there are two separate camera angles which are pretty well produced, which I think would be highly unlikely given the amatuerish level that the video clip is trying to portray.

    I'm skeptical, but therefore, can be more amused because I think it's meant to be comedy and not just me laughing at the foibles of people who are genuinely trying their very best.

    Jim W
    BTW -- for those who don't know, the Karen S commenter above is my mother-in-law.