Monday, February 15, 2010

Matt Chandler's Cornerstone

Yesterday in my sermon I mentioned a video in which Matt Chandler shared about his standing on Jesus as his cornerstone as he goes through radiation and chemotherapy for brain cancer. For those interested, here is that video:

Continue to pray for Matt and his family; I have been so encouraged to see his steadfastness as he stands firm while his whole world shakes around him. A true testimony that those who believe in Christ, the true cornerstone, will never be put to shame.


  1. Very inspirational! I love the fact that he is loving Jesus, in spite of the circumstances. What great faith! Very nice young man. I pray for his healing as well, and may God bless him.

  2. Larry, thank you for sharing this. What an amazing faith he has! I just love the sense of peace and calm that he so evidently feels.