Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Gospel for Your Spouse

In Milton Vincent's A Gospel Primer for Christians, Vincent writes the Gospel narrative that makes up most of the book in the first person. Vincent explains why:

"Everything in sections 1-3 is written in the first person (I, my, me), for all that is said in these sections is your testimony if you are a believer in Jesus. Therefore read these words, or better, speak them aloud as a way of testifying daily to your own heart the truth of what God has done for you and made available for you in the gospel. You'd be amazed at the difference such a practice can make in your life."

That's definitely good advice. I've profited from the book immensely since I got it over a year ago. But last night I decided to use it a bit differently than Vincent suggests. Michelle and I sat down after bed and read section 2 to one another, putting in the other's name instead of the first person singular.

So the effect was that each of us preached the gospel to the other, and also reminded ourselves of the glorious work that Christ has accomplished in the life of our spouse. That is a good thing to do, since inevitably I will sin against and hurt Michelle. When this happens, it's precious for Michelle to be reminded of the gospel's work not just in her life, but in mine. And of course it goes the other way too. I will be much more inclined to treat Michelle in light of the gospel when I am pondering the gospel's power in her life.

So if you have A Gospel Primer for Christians, give this a try with your spouse and let me how it goes. Michelle and I are thinking about doing it weekly because we enjoyed it so much. And if you don't have a copy of it, I'd like to give you one. I'll give a copy of it to the first two people who leave a comment on this post.


  1. Hi Larry,
    I'd love a copy. I've been recently thinking about how much I want to read that book.


  2. My lovely wife informed me that it was after DINNER, not after bed that we read through the Primer together. If it was after bed, it probably would have made more sense to say "in the morning"!

  3. We could use another copy--I gave mine away. Then, I bought another one and gave it away, too. I can't seem to hold onto books!