Monday, November 16, 2009

Everything Sad Comes Untrue

Every ounce of pain Christians have tasted will one day become untrue and be transformed into greater glory than we can imagine (2Cor4:17).

Jesus is an amazing Redeemer!


  1. This truth is the very theme of Steven Curtis Chapman's new CD, "Beauty Will Rise," taken from the scripture that tells us that from the ashes, beauty will rise. Of course, the "ashes" that Chapman sings of refers to the loss of his youngest adopted daughter, Maria, in a tragic car incident at their Tennessee home, from a car driven by his teen son in May of 2008. It was not a reckless accident, just a wrong place at the wrong time type of thing.

    But, what pain that family endured and still endures, and it comes through every song. It is the process of grieving, right there in musical form for all of us to join in on. It is beautiful, sorrowful and haunting. And most importantly, it is hopeful.

    If Jesus told us to mourn with those who mourn, then you should give a listen to this CD. I would highly recommend it.
    And keep the tissues handy....

    Jim W

  2. I've heard a couple of people speak highly about this CD, Jim.

    I think I might check it out.

  3. Actually, Chapman could have titled the CD "Redemption Groanings," because that's exactly what the songs are.
    They're laments.
    Maybe that sould be the title of our JCF worship album!!

    Jim W