Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Millennium

The millennium of Revelation 20 has been on my mind lately. Does anyone out there subscribe to a particular view of the millennium (premillennial, postmillennial, amillennial)? Has anyone devoted serious study to this subject?

Leave a comment and let me know...


  1. Are you asking about the millenium in reference to the rapture? I see you are using the terms premillennial, postmillenial, and amillenial. These terms are usually associated with the rapture.

  2. Hillary:

    No, my interest with regard to this question does not involve a view of the rapture. The terms I hear commonly associated with talk about the rapture are pre-tribulation and post-tribulation, indicating when the rapture will take place with reference to the tribulation.

    When I used the terms that I did in the original post, I was referring to the question of what will happen when Jesus returns? Will He inaugurate a very good, but not perfect, kingdom for 1000 years (premillennial), or will His return immediately bring about the final judgment and the New Heavens and New Earth (amillennial). Or will His return sort of be the icing on top, culminating the church's progressive advancement of the Kingdom on earth prior to His return(postmillennial).

    Those are pretty broad generalities about the different positions, but I think it frames the basic question I'm thinking about. Maybe I will devote a couple of posts to this next week to elaborate on the different views.

    Would anyone find that interesting/worthwhile?

  3. Oops! Sorry for the misunderstanding:-) That's why I needed clarification because there are four teachings on the Millennium.
    1. Post-tribulation premillennialism - rapture occurs after the tribulation but BEFORE the millenial reign of Christ.
    2. Pre-tribulation premillennialism - rapture occurs before the tribulation, and millenial reign of Christ.
    3. Post-millenialism - Christ or Christianity reigns for the last thousand years of earth's history, before the last judgment. No rapture.
    4. Amillenialism - no millenium reign of Christ.


    Looking forward to your perspective on this important topic.

    God Bless,

  4. Oops! Sorry for the typos and bad spellings. Been on the computer toooooo long! LOL!

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  6. Okay, let me see if I can get a better handle on these concepts by using definitions that make sense to me.

    Premillennialism - second coming of Christ occurs before the millennium.

    Postmillennialism - second coming of Christ occurs after the millennium.

    Amillennialism - second coming of Christ occurs at the last judgment, with no millennium.

    Does that make sense?

  7. Yes, I think overall that is a good summary. It's not quite that simple, and those who subscribe to those views would want to expound on those simple definitions quite a bit. But overall that is the basic idea.