Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Disclaimer

This blog is titled Redemption Groanings: One man's musings as he waits for the restoration of all things.

This morning at church I was reminded that it's important for me to make something very clear about what I am trying to do with this blog: What I write on here is, more often than not, simply my own thinking aloud about issues that affect my faith in Christ. Whether I am writing about Miles Davis, Barbie, or the lyrics of a class hymn of the church, I am not aiming to make dogmatic assertions about things, but simply working out different things in my head. I find it helpful to do that in a format that others can read and interact with, because, as we're told in Proverbs, 'As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.' This happened just the other day, when my friend Erin sharpened me to think more carefully about what I had written about Barbie. Her comment caused me to re-phrase some things in a way that I hope was more God-honoring. Such correction is invaluable to me as I think things through.

So when I write about the dangers of Barbie or the presence of jazz on the New Earth or a potential lyric change in a great hymn of the faith, please don't assume that I have everything figured out and that what I've written is the absolute truth as I see it. Redemption Groanings is simply the overflow of my thinking through how to bring my Christian faith to bear on every aspect of life. That thinking is still very much in process, and I am appreciative of those of you who comment, because it helps me to refine my thinking. For I am no expert on the things I write about; I am just one man musing about life under Christ's lordship.

Thanks for taking the time to read my musings, both the refined and the unrefined.

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