Monday, March 16, 2009

The Church in the World

While Monday is a day of rest for me, it signals the beginning of the work week for most. This quote from Michael Horton, in his book Where in the World is the Church?, was a good one to get the week started:

"While the midieval and, to a large extent, pietistic tendency is to call the believer out of the world and into church-related activities, the Reformation approach is to view all church-related activities as 'refueling' stations for their real service in the world. We should not put people who work diligently at their calling on a guilt trip for failing to attend every church-related activity or volunteering for church-related tasks. It is the church that serves the Christian so that the Christian can serve God in the world...

"Even if a church is feeding the sheep with God's promises, a further question must be asked: If the church itself is healthy internally, are individual Christians fulfilling their calling in the world with excellence? That is not the same question as, Are they winning souls? Rather, Do individual believers sense that it is their Christian duty to transcend mediocrity in their daily routines and link their service in the world to their service of an all-knowing God of glory?

"A Christian does not go to work on Monday morning in order to convert people to Christ, but to pursue his or her calling, for which he or she was designed by divine creation."

I am curious to know what those people who went to work at a 'secular' job today think of this quote. Leave a comment and let me know!

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